Looking for an alternative soccer experience for your child?

The UA Soccer Academy has introduced a new concept in youth soccer…

Up until now, your choices for youth soccer were

  • Recreational Soccer
  • Parent Coached Select Soccer
  • Professionally coached Club Soccer

Each of these choices had it’s pros and cons…

Recreational soccer is fun and the kids get to play a lot of games, but, unless you are quite fortunate, the training is not always the best. And, rightfully so… You are, in fact, playing recreational soccer.

So then, you begin to think about playing in an environment where you get to travel a bit and play teams that have a little more skill. You go to a few tryouts for some travels teams and you notice a large difference in prices… some quite large costs! You may even run across a few teams that tell you that you can get the same experience at less cost, and indeed you see that their fees are quite a bit less than others. These teams are usually parent coached teams and, unless you get really lucky that your parent coach is a knowledgeable trainer, your child still does not receive the kind of training that is necessary if they are to grow as a player.

So, you jump into the professionally coached club, pay your fees, and then the commitment level starts to set in… You are expected to train 3-5 days a week, travel to many out-of-town tournaments, compete at a very high level for state cup titles, etc. and the coach starts to talk about quitting other sports to concentrate on your soccer skills.

Is there another option? One that gets professional training without taking out a second mortgage, giving up other sports that you like and having no week-ends free for 10-12 years?

The UA Soccer Academy!
Traditional soccer programs focus on playing and winning games. Our program focuses on the individual player and helping them become a creative, self-confident soccer player!

In fact, you can even continue to play recreational soccer, select soccer or even club soccer and train at the academy!

Even though we may form teams at various age groups, the focus will be the same… developing the player. Kids training in the academy may be asked to play for one of these teams for a game or two, when they are available but they don’t have to commit to the team for the long term, unless they want to! Games and/or tournaments will be used as a training tool, not the end objective.

This really is a new concept for the soccer experience. It allows you to keep a balance in your life and develop your soccer skills.

You will need to take some time to digest this information, and it is by no means complete. If you have questions or would just like to talk soccer… feel free to contact us at info@ua-socceracademy.com for more information.