Athletic, talented, motivated, skilled, ambitious

Do any (or all) of these attributes describe you?

The UA Soccer Academy has expanded to include league play as part of our
“Total Player Development“ program. In addition to our individual/group skills
training sessions the UASA now offers our members (and selected others) the
opportunity to participate in our Club Soccer program.

Benefits to you:

    • Serious competition. Our teams will participate in appropriate leagues to match the skill level of our players. You will test your skills against players from all over Columbus, and potentially from Dayton and Cincinnati as well!
    • High quality training. Our teams will be trained by professional, licensed, experienced soccer trainers. You will learn the game well. We follow as close as possible to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) “Best Practices” guide to developing soccer players/teams.
    • LOCALLY BASED. You are within 10-15 minutes of your training facilities. COME HOME to UA for your training.
    • Affordable cost structure. You shouldn’t have to mortgage your house to learn to play the game of soccer. Our fees are designed to be affordable and reasonable.